We enjoys the distinction of introducing Sports for persons with disabilities in Pakistan. This initiative was taken years back in the country. Persons with disabilities lack such sports activities where they can enjoy and execute their hidden talents. Keeping this in view We introduced wheelchair cricket and organized national events in this regard. The wheelchair tournaments are organized every year in the countries in different cities where teams from different cities of country participate.

Annual Abbottabad Sports Festival Abbottabad Sports festival is the major sports festival in Pakistan that is organized every year by collaboration with sports board. This tournament provides persons with disabilities to participate each year with zeal and zest. The tournament includes different sports of persons with disabilities and wheelchair cricket stands as the major activity.

Employment Program

ROSP’s Employment Program offers assistance and support to individuals with disabilities seeking employment. Employment Consultants provide skills assessment, computer testing, resume preparation, job development, networking opportunities, interviewing skills, on the job training, and career development.

Advocacy, Fundraising and Public Relations Department

The Advocacy, Fundraising & Public Relations Department arranges various activities throughout the year for publicity, promotion and awareness of facilities available in ROSP . Special effort is made for raising funds and organizing events and advocating on behalf of persons with disabilities. This department is also responsible for maintaining records of old students with disabilities and assisting them in every aspect of their lives (education, training, job placement, loans, treatment, surgeries, assertive devices, matrimonial services and other needs). Old students are also referred to various organizations for employment and training. Last year (209), 200 students were assisted in the issuance of their I.D. cards and Disability Certificates. ROSP joins organisations worldwide to create awareness regarding persons with disabilities to ensure inclusiveness and equality.

Community Based Rehabilitation Outreach Services

ROSP has brought a meaningful change in lives of the less fortunate village women and children. Until the present, CBR teams have covered 20 villages.

The objectives of the CBR Outreach Program are:

  • To provide financial, medical, welfare, and educational assistance for the disadvantaged rural women and children.
  • To provide small loans under “Self Employment Scheme” to empower the women of the community with disabilities and make them independent.
  • To provide primary health care and immunization of women and children.
  • To initiate adult education classes.
  • To employ trained teachers for needle work and textile arts.

Personal Attendent Services

Consumer Directed Services is a medical based program which provides personal care attendant services to individuals with disabilities; enabling them to live independently in the community. Individuals in the consumer directed services program are trained to hire their own attendants to assist them with daily tasks such as personal care, toileting, obtaining and organizing medication, meal preparation, housekeeping, laundry, essential transportation and correspondence.

To provide free medical treatment to special persons.